Garment Distressing

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words so here is a picture of what a typical garment distress looks like...It allows for a vintage look that is popular with thin printing. This type of style is also used often with grunge band t-shirts and gives the custom printed t-shirts a little more character. Also, we can do custom "knicking" if desired. This involves roughing up the edges of both sleeves, the neck, as well as the bottom of the shirt. Of course there are going to be a few added costs but this is one of the best choices for giving your brand a "boutique-like" finish.

Garment Splattering

This type of addition to a screenprinted shirt can do wonders for the end garment. If you just want a single color graphic due to its fairly inexpensive nature, you can add a splatter that makes the shirt look like it is a full body print. This trend has recently been extremely popular in the music and fashion industry. This can be done to shirts light and dark alike. It is more sustainable on light shirts because a special ink is applied. Many times dark shirts will need bleach, which can slowly wear at the fibers in a shirt. However, this also has a positive side if you are searching for that hard worn vintage look.

Full Body Print

Here is a picture of what full body screen printing can look like. This type of printing is more complex due to the equipment size and the artwork development. We can offer full-body, multi-colored prints that set your garment apart from the crowd. If you reach our minimums of 300 pieces, we can have designs belt printed for you as well. Belt printing can cover the sleeve to sleeve, top to bottom printing of a garment. We take orders online but we are located in Boise, Idaho and have some of the best screen printing Boise has to offer. page54_4collageWhite

Ink Special Effects

There are hundreds of different types of inks we can use in our printing process. The easiest way to determine if you need specialty inks is to talk to our artists and tell them the look you are going for. Chances are, you will know if you want a t-shirt print that is out of the ordinary. If you are looking for the generic settings of print, you won't need specialty inks. Check out FAQ section to see descriptions of all the effects we can create.